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Econo-Mania is DEDICATED to bringing fun to students while learning about things ranging from economics to planning events. We are definitely a very active group in ADP that wants to not only succeed academically but also in extra co-curricular activities. We believe that STUDYING CAN BE BORING, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so our duty is to MAKE IT FUN through events. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minutes for Recruitment Drive Meeting.


Sheena Ho, Subbiah Lakshamanan, Olivia Ng, Ha Yi-Min, Deasy Suparman, Elvira Heng, Wong Hui Xian, How @ Wang Cha Nee, Chia Ming Feng, Alvin Chieng

1.0 Committee Posts:

· Organizing Chairperson is How @ Wang Cha Nee.

· Assistant Chairperson is Deasy Suparman.

· Secretary is Alvin Chieng.

· Treasurers are Chia Ming Feng and Piong Yen Yee.

· Publicity HOD is Wong Chun Yeap.

· Registration HOD is Wong Hui Xian.

· Photographer is Kesavan.

2.0 Recruitment Drive:

· Recruitment Drive was decided to be held on Fall Semester 2009.

· Report will be written by the Organizing Chairperson and Secretary.

· Recruitment Drive Proposal is to be written by the Secretary

· Posters and Fliers will be prepared by Publicity Department.

· Membership cards will be handled by Registration Department.

· Membership fees will be collected by the Treasurers

3.0 Further Discussion:

· Details of next board meeting is as follows:

  • Date : 23rd June 2009, Tuesday
  • Time : 4 pm
  • Venue : Room 12.14

· Meeting is to discuss Economania's annual plan.

· Meeting is compulsory for all board members including managers and executives.

Alvin, Hui Xian, Deasy, Yi-Min

Subbu, Ming Feng, Ms Lim

CEO Sheena!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Membership cards for W09 members.

Attention to Econo-mania members who have registered during WINTER 2009 and have not collected their membership cards, you may collect your card from Yi-Min, the COO of Econo-mania.

Thank you!

Oh, if you don't know who is Yi-Min..

.. this is him ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Economania's EGM Agenda

-Arrival of members & Registration of new members - 2.30 pm

- Arrival of VIP - 2.50 pm

- Speech by the Top Management - 3.00 pm

- Inauguration of new exco-members - 3.30 pm

- Speech by the new CEO & club's introduction - 3.45 pm

- Upcoming event (2009 - 2010) - 4.00 pm

- Q & A session - 4.20 pm

- Adjournment & Refreshment - 4.30 pm

Date: 9th of June 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 3.00 - 5.00 pm
Venue: PBX

Econo-mania Interview

Welcome to Econo-mania Interview Session.

For English, press 1~Schedule of the interview session. Who's turn now??

Thinking thinking....

1st candidate: Elvira Heng
Cha Nee~

Yi-Min. Had an experience in being Rated-U president.

Olivia Ng..Econo-mania future CFO!!!

Sheena Ho.." I'm interested in being the CEO of Econo-mania!"

Subbu...the organizing chairperson of Carnival..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dear All,

Economania will be having an EGM. This is the official ceremony of passing the authority from the present governing council to the next governing council of Summer 2009 - Summer 2010.The details are:

Date: 9th of June 2009 (Tuesday)
Venue: PBX
Time: 3.00 p.m

Members are compulsory to come. Non-members are welcome to watch the event. Thank you.

The Results Are Out!!

Dear Members,

After the interview session that we had today, we (the present governing council) and the advisor, Ms Lim You Ping had decided on the Next Governing Council (Summer 2009 - Summer 2010). After detailed discussion, here is the result:

CEO: Sheena Ho
CMO: Subbiah Lakshmanan
CFO: Olivia Ng
COO: Ha Yi-Min
Marketing Director: Elvira Heng
Finance Director: Deasy Suparman
HR Director: Alvin Chieng
HOD HR: Wong Cha Nee

There are 2 more posts that we could not decide on it yet.

Dear Economania Members, please note that there would be an EGM, to pass over from the present council to the next governing council officially. The date and venue would be announced soon. Thank you.

Support Economania!! =) =)