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Econo-Mania is DEDICATED to bringing fun to students while learning about things ranging from economics to planning events. We are definitely a very active group in ADP that wants to not only succeed academically but also in extra co-curricular activities. We believe that STUDYING CAN BE BORING, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so our duty is to MAKE IT FUN through events. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Thinking of how you should start your SUMMER ?? Here a great plan.. Get your buddies and stop by at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and get yourself all splash up to get a fresh start!! Not only that, you have just started your Summer by doing some charity.. The profit gained from you will be donated to WORLD VISION Malaysia.. World Vision is a society where they helped those unfortunate people all around the world.. They give shelter, food and all the needs to those who needed.. SO? Don't you think you have gain some blessing for your FINAL!? What else!? GO SUNWAY LAGOON LAR!!!

Remember..A great start always end with unpredictable end!! =D

Price: RM 45 per ticket
Deadline: 30th June 2009

Those who are interested may called us:
Pao Yi 0123668577
Elvira 0169585813


To all Econo-Mania members,

The seniors will be stepping down soon, actually most of them already had. Thus, in order for the club to go on, to survive and exist, we will be having a nomination throughout this week. Those who feel that your friends are fit and should be nominated, DO LET US KNOW! How? We will be distributing forms for all the members in ADP 12th floor. Just get the form and write down who you think is the potential candidate and submit it to us. Good news. You can nominate yourself but only if you think you are capable. (who doesnt!? jk jk..)

Those candidates will be interviewed next week on tuesday, 2nd June 2009. Don't worry. The candidates will be well informed. You just have to be prepared. What you should wear are not yet confirmed but do wear smartly because physical appearance will be taken into consideration. All in all, the Economania will soon be runned by new committe board and I wish them all the best. So, members of Economania! ARE YOU READY TO NOMINATE!!?

For further details.
Contact: Pao Yi 0123668577

Sunway Lagoon Tickets For Sale

Hey guys! we are selling sunway lagoon tickets at a fantastic price!

Buy 1 - RM 48
Buy 2 - RM 94
Buy 3 - RM 138

And when u buy 10 or more..price is negotiable! Please help us to make it a success..The money goes to the World Vision Charity. =)

Kindly contact Pao Yi (012-3668577) or Ainsyah (016-8718676) if you are interested. Thanks! =)