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Econo-Mania is DEDICATED to bringing fun to students while learning about things ranging from economics to planning events. We are definitely a very active group in ADP that wants to not only succeed academically but also in extra co-curricular activities. We believe that STUDYING CAN BE BORING, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so our duty is to MAKE IT FUN through events. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Interview - EXCO 2010/2011

The interview to elect the upcoming committee of Econo-mania will be held on 2 days - Wednesday (9th June) and Thursday (10th June).

As of date, we have received a number of 16 candidates, so 8 will be interviewed each day. Below are the candidates who are expected to attend on Wednesday.

1. Adrian Anthony
2. Daniah Tariq
3. Parvinderjeet Kaur
4. Lee Su Lin
5. Alvenne Goh
6. Lee Han Fong
7. Soo Zi Chuen
8. Samantha Sito

The interview will be held on 2pm onwards in room 2.5 (subject to change). Tentatively, each interview sessions will take approximately 15 minutes.

As for the other 8 candidates, you are expected to attend the Thursday interview.

1. Anamika Deb
2. Woo Qi hong
3. Lim Kee Meng
4. Nik
5. Khim Yong
6. Jason Tong
7. Lee Ying
8. Angel Ting

The second interview session will be at 3pm onwards in room 5.18 (subject to change). Again, each interview sessions will take approximately 15 minutes.

If you can't make it at the specified time, please contact Ha Yi-Min at 017-889 0616 by Tuesday night, 8pm (8th June) and he will organize a different time for you.

Thank you and good luck everyone :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

Spread the news!


Spread this to EVERYONE. We're gonna make this a big one! :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009


What Econo-mania Club is up to:-

  • The organising of Fiesta Econo-mania!
    Meetings and more meetings to discuss issues and the like (:

    p/s Fiesta Econo-mania is THE carnival to attend. This year, we are fighting HIV/AIDS!


    1 and the half weeks to recruit new members and those interested in joining the committee. We have closed the recruitment drive week already but don't worry if you still want to join Econo-mania Club!

    Just drop by at our booth (at 12th floor, ADP)!! We take in members 365 days a year :D
    Or you could just refer to anyone from the Management (at the side of this blog)


    Held simultaneously with the Recruitment Drive. Pre-Carnival Week is held in conjunction of Fiesta Econo-mania in which we start our fund-raising for MAC (Malaysian AIDS Council)

    Come support us! We're stationed at 12th floor, ADP but occasionally, we are at TBS or Main Campus.

    Pictures shall we?

    At Main Campus :D

Yi-Min, Subbu and Yahya at TBS

Nips, Dentyne, Choclairs!

Evon and Evone with the egg sandwiches!

Elvira and Sheena with Domino's.

Organising Chairperson of Recruitment Drive, Chun Yeep and CEO Sheena!

And not forgetting, the committee and members who have contributed! Thank you all.

The Pre-Carnival Week will be going on until 7th of October!


    Your membership cards are ready. You can collect them at our booth in ADP 12th floor. Thank you!

    *Members of Summer 2009 and Fall 2009.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Genting Summer Trip on 8th and 9th of July! :D

The guys:
Jun Hsien, Subbu, Yi-Min, AB, Kesavan, Alex, Sean, Ken Ling, Honkee

The girls:
Sheena, Pao Yi, Nicole, Daphne, Hui Xian, Olivia, Linda, Jes-Lyn, Cha Nee

Here are a few pictures from Daphne's phone and a few from Yi-Min too I think. (: Thanks guys!

On the cable car up to Genting.
Pao Yi, Sheena, Daphne, Nicole!

Girls plotting to prank call the guys *cough but never made it in the end. (and they still don't know about it xD)

All the freshmen (:

Daphne killing our CMO haha.

Yi-Min/Harry Potter!

Aww Papa Kesavan taking care of us.
Left: Kesavan, Jun Hsien, Subbu, AB, Yi-Min, Olivia

The seniors at McD's.

At the rooftop of some carpark. Nice view up there.

The guys even saw the sun set on the first day! Girls were busy shopping haha.

AB supporting Genting Theme park.

Haven't posted up all the pictures yet, so come back and check, aite?

For those who missed out on this trip, DON'T WORRY. After a successful and fun one (thanks to everyone! especially Jun Hsien and Sheena), we'll definitely organise another trip again.

Make sure you guys can make it next time ;)
It's gonna be as awesome as this one.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Genting Summer Team Building Trip‏.

Genting Summer Trip for new and old board of committees of Econo-mania!

This is one of the events on our list and we're glad that we're finally arranging it, thanks to our beloved CEO Sheena Ho and our executive, Lee Jun Hsien! (:

The package has been finalized!

Date : 8-9th of July ( Wed - Thu )
Location : Genting Highlands Resort
Accomodation : First World Hotel

To secure tickets bookings, registration would be closed on Sunday 0000. So far we have already a list of 15 people, and the more the merrier.

Rough Agenda/Cost :

Day 1 Going there
Skyway + Bus transfer from One Utama =RM 10

Agenda : Free & Easy

Day 2 :
Go Genting Package ( Inclusive of bus back, skyway transfer & all day theme park ) =RM 45

Room Fee :
Hotel Rooms ( RM 40 surcharge per room x 2 ) - RM 80
* RM 80 to be divided among all participants Estimated : RM80/15 = RM 6

Estimated Total :RM 60

Transport Arrangement :

To Genting
1st Batch to meet up at One Utama Shopping Mall Genting Transfer Bus Stop (Cold Storage Entrance) at 1200 sharp. Bus leaves at 1300. We won't wait for anyone who is late. If ur late, u have to figure out ur own way up the hill.. =( So pls pls pls be punctual.

* For those having exams, please kindly contact JunHsien to arrange for another batch meet up.

Back to One Utama, PJ
Estimated to reach around 10 pm on the 9th of July (Thursday)

For further enquiries, you may contact Jun Hsien at junhsien@live.com!

Hope to see you guys there!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minutes for Recruitment Drive Meeting.


Sheena Ho, Subbiah Lakshamanan, Olivia Ng, Ha Yi-Min, Deasy Suparman, Elvira Heng, Wong Hui Xian, How @ Wang Cha Nee, Chia Ming Feng, Alvin Chieng

1.0 Committee Posts:

· Organizing Chairperson is How @ Wang Cha Nee.

· Assistant Chairperson is Deasy Suparman.

· Secretary is Alvin Chieng.

· Treasurers are Chia Ming Feng and Piong Yen Yee.

· Publicity HOD is Wong Chun Yeap.

· Registration HOD is Wong Hui Xian.

· Photographer is Kesavan.

2.0 Recruitment Drive:

· Recruitment Drive was decided to be held on Fall Semester 2009.

· Report will be written by the Organizing Chairperson and Secretary.

· Recruitment Drive Proposal is to be written by the Secretary

· Posters and Fliers will be prepared by Publicity Department.

· Membership cards will be handled by Registration Department.

· Membership fees will be collected by the Treasurers

3.0 Further Discussion:

· Details of next board meeting is as follows:

  • Date : 23rd June 2009, Tuesday
  • Time : 4 pm
  • Venue : Room 12.14

· Meeting is to discuss Economania's annual plan.

· Meeting is compulsory for all board members including managers and executives.

Alvin, Hui Xian, Deasy, Yi-Min

Subbu, Ming Feng, Ms Lim

CEO Sheena!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Membership cards for W09 members.

Attention to Econo-mania members who have registered during WINTER 2009 and have not collected their membership cards, you may collect your card from Yi-Min, the COO of Econo-mania.

Thank you!

Oh, if you don't know who is Yi-Min..

.. this is him ;)