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Econo-Mania is DEDICATED to bringing fun to students while learning about things ranging from economics to planning events. We are definitely a very active group in ADP that wants to not only succeed academically but also in extra co-curricular activities. We believe that STUDYING CAN BE BORING, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so our duty is to MAKE IT FUN through events. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minutes for Recruitment Drive Meeting.


Sheena Ho, Subbiah Lakshamanan, Olivia Ng, Ha Yi-Min, Deasy Suparman, Elvira Heng, Wong Hui Xian, How @ Wang Cha Nee, Chia Ming Feng, Alvin Chieng

1.0 Committee Posts:

· Organizing Chairperson is How @ Wang Cha Nee.

· Assistant Chairperson is Deasy Suparman.

· Secretary is Alvin Chieng.

· Treasurers are Chia Ming Feng and Piong Yen Yee.

· Publicity HOD is Wong Chun Yeap.

· Registration HOD is Wong Hui Xian.

· Photographer is Kesavan.

2.0 Recruitment Drive:

· Recruitment Drive was decided to be held on Fall Semester 2009.

· Report will be written by the Organizing Chairperson and Secretary.

· Recruitment Drive Proposal is to be written by the Secretary

· Posters and Fliers will be prepared by Publicity Department.

· Membership cards will be handled by Registration Department.

· Membership fees will be collected by the Treasurers

3.0 Further Discussion:

· Details of next board meeting is as follows:

  • Date : 23rd June 2009, Tuesday
  • Time : 4 pm
  • Venue : Room 12.14

· Meeting is to discuss Economania's annual plan.

· Meeting is compulsory for all board members including managers and executives.

Alvin, Hui Xian, Deasy, Yi-Min

Subbu, Ming Feng, Ms Lim

CEO Sheena!

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