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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Genting Summer Trip on 8th and 9th of July! :D

The guys:
Jun Hsien, Subbu, Yi-Min, AB, Kesavan, Alex, Sean, Ken Ling, Honkee

The girls:
Sheena, Pao Yi, Nicole, Daphne, Hui Xian, Olivia, Linda, Jes-Lyn, Cha Nee

Here are a few pictures from Daphne's phone and a few from Yi-Min too I think. (: Thanks guys!

On the cable car up to Genting.
Pao Yi, Sheena, Daphne, Nicole!

Girls plotting to prank call the guys *cough but never made it in the end. (and they still don't know about it xD)

All the freshmen (:

Daphne killing our CMO haha.

Yi-Min/Harry Potter!

Aww Papa Kesavan taking care of us.
Left: Kesavan, Jun Hsien, Subbu, AB, Yi-Min, Olivia

The seniors at McD's.

At the rooftop of some carpark. Nice view up there.

The guys even saw the sun set on the first day! Girls were busy shopping haha.

AB supporting Genting Theme park.

Haven't posted up all the pictures yet, so come back and check, aite?

For those who missed out on this trip, DON'T WORRY. After a successful and fun one (thanks to everyone! especially Jun Hsien and Sheena), we'll definitely organise another trip again.

Make sure you guys can make it next time ;)
It's gonna be as awesome as this one.

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